For C&C the market, project or size of the company does not matter, as communication is present in any situation or activity. Nowadays any company of products and services that wants to be in the market has to communicate it. This is where our slogan comes from “If you don’t communicate, you don’t exist. Shall we talk?”.

At C&C we offer you Global Communication that influences upon the corporate image and perception that the public has of your company.

  • Commercial Communication: with consumers who have influence on the buying process.
  • Internal Communication: with employees, to obtain their support and integration.
  • Institutional Communication: with the media, local community or public opinion.
  • Industrial Communication: with the agents involved in the preparation of the products or services of the company.
  • Advantages of this type of campaign:
    + The low cost and the speed when launching new products and offers.
    + To plan direct and relational personalized marketing campaigns.
    + To manage massive mailings of newsletters or to your client portfolio.
    + Integrate Email Marketing campaigns into your website.
    Steps to follow:
    1. Design: We design your campaign according to the image you want to transmit.
    2. Approval: Once the design has been approved we will send your campaign.
    3. Database: If you don’t have one, we can create it according to your needs.
    4. Delivery: Upon completion, you will receive a report with the results of the campaign.
    + We personalise your page and we update your wall posts and activity.
    + We increase the number of fans and measure their level of commitment.
    + We build a microblogging presence for all your social networks.
    + We guarantee a communication channel with access to millions of users..
    Our Community Managers will help you to:
    1. Listen: the client’s opinions for the company’s processes.
    2. Talk: it is necessary to communicate and maintain a feedback with your clients.
    3. Transmit: use social networks to increase the effectiveness of the word of mouth.
    4. Integrate: carry out market research in order to better understand clients.
    Every event, fair or exhibition has its own characteristics and requires independent organization. For this reason, C&C guides you through investing in design and communication in order to get the image of innovation, quality, competitiveness, technology and leadership which your company wishes to convey, at the same time helping to minimise unexpected turns and last minute problems at your event, fair or exhibition.
    We offer the following services for companies:
    1. Conferences and breakfast meetings.
    2. Presentation of products or services.
    3. Fairs and exhibitions.
    4. Business meetings.

    Communication and Marketing 360º