At C&C we study the needs of the company in order to be able to provide specific advice on what to communicate, to whom communicate it and how to direct the information to the media. We transform the event message into news of general interest to increase the credibility of the released material.
We plan and design the press service of your event by building relationships with the media through various channels: Press and Communication Services. Marketing and Advertising. Web Design and Programming. Blogs and Social Networks. Sports Photography.
Our sports management plans include planning reports (to develop a roadmap with all the actions that will take place in the event and its timing), Management (contact and meetings with everyone involved in the event: suppliers, participants, security, etc.) and Monitoring (follow-up detailed report in the media).
In addition, we look for a strategic positioning in each event and we do this by focusing on the current situation of the company, its communication guidelines and objectives. We develop and implement a tailored strategy together with our clients, in order to apply the tools of communication and marketing that contribute to the success of your sports event.
C&C deals with building a brand image that associates the values of your company with the event that is going to be sponsored. And we do this by focusing on four actions:
1. The analysis of competition: who they are, where they are, which size they are and the evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of their products or services.

2. The search for sponsors: planning for the acquisition of funds and media coverage.
3. Media campaigns: aimed at raising awareness among investors and the public opinion.
4. Communication and PR actions: a program of public relations activities in order to increase the visibility and credibility of your event.

We put all five senses with each event